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What is fasting of Islam [Ramadan]? 0 years from when ...

Ramadan - Wikiwand Although you have the opportunity hear the news to say that [Ramadan period of Muslim] Will integral What religious ceremonies is the [Ramadan]? It was interpreted [Ramadan = fasting] and is, exactly If you look is a little different. Islam was born in the Middle East, but surprising in the world of more than half of the Muslims also are living in Asia. If you visit the country to live many Muslims, such as Indonesia and Malaysia is a popular travel destination in Japanese in Ramadan of time, what kind of attention point? This time, is a topic for a Muslim [Ramadan]. What: Ramadan (Ramadan English)? [Ramadan (English: Ramadan)] is often used to mean the fasting of Muslims, but exactly is the name of the Islamic calendar the first month]. Of the year 0 years [Ramadan], revelation of the Koran (Quran) from God to the Prophet Muhammad has been made. For this reason, it is considered a sacred month that have special meaning for Muslims. Months of this [Ramadan], Muslims around the world will deepen their faith by performing from dawn to sunset [fasting (Saumu)].

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