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Stock prices in Ramadan moves? 0 years Ramadan period and the impact ...

Ramadan - Wikiwand On considering the timing and trend of foreign investors buying and selling, you need to taken into account the seasonal element that has a strong influence in their respective cultures. For example, in Europe and the United States, Christmas holidays and summer vacation season, it is said that the movement of the investor becomes dull. And we in the Islamic society [the time corresponding to Ramadan (fasting month) blunting the movement of the oil money and sovereign wealth funds, the market is weak and become] is considered between the market participants. This time, we will introduce this [Ramadan (fasting month)] Related Islamic own culture and equity, including the. The reason that during Ramadan (fasting month) period is referred to as the market becomes sluggish During the Ramadan period, pregnant women, except for the sick and 0 under the age of children, all at once the Muslims around the world (Muslim), do the fasting during the period from sunrise to sunset (Saumu). Of course, it does not mean not to anything mouth much more months, during the period, Muslims will take a meal from the sunset of the day worth.

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