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Even in Ramadan water to drink. Iraq representative, firm ...

Ramadan - Wikiwand Japan representative day, in Russia W Cup Asian final qualifying to play against Iraq - it drew. Temperature of before the game start is more than a degree, players also supporters also fought with all your Shiryoku in the blistering heat. In particular had plagued the supporters and the media to visit Iran because of the Iraq war, was [Ramadan]. In Islamic doctrine, the month of the annual Islamic calendar is the fasting period, called the [Ramadan]. Until month from the date this year, during which Muslims must be spent without eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. In the intense heat, may no longer business as well, such as food and beverage outlets in the city, unable to ingest the water or food while being exposed to the sun that shines during the day. Of course, it seems to be secretly eating and drinking in a place which is not secluded, but it is difficult to break the precepts in public. Ramadan of the impact seemed to appear even during a football match. The players of Iraq, there was also concern that not not take the water until the end in the game even in the intense heat.

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