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Indonesia: October How to 0 years spent in the smartphone and Ramadan ...

Ramadan - Wikiwand In Indonesia, the Muslim majority is only Ramadan and Lebaran has been completed. By the month of the Islamic calendar and Ramadan, ascetic life, such as performing the fasting from sunrise to sunset it is required. 0 years was a date-date. On the other hand, it means the holiday of Ramadan and Lebaran, the largest vacation in Indonesia for a holiday. The Lebaran season a lot of people to the homecoming. For this reason, or hoarding of food is carried out in preparation for the Lebaran period during the Ramadan period, such as to buy big-ticket items to decorate the Nishiki to home, consumption is greatly stimulated. Every year, consumption of the Ramadan period accounts for the degree of consumption of the year. This year, the increase in the bonus or the like as a background for the income increase and civil servants associated with the business recovery of the resource-related industries due to high energy, the government expects that than split more than retail sales last year to increase.

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