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Ramadan - Wikiwand [Assalam Alai Kum] (One company) is Mizutani of Kansai Muslim inbound Promotion Council. Today I tried to say hello in Arabic. This time, we will Itadako allowed to introduce the Islamic [fasting (Saumu)]. Because it is more of now is just Muslim because it's the period of [Ramadan] to perform [fasting]. Often will be misunderstood, but is the name of the [Ramadan] is [a month] in the calendar, [fasting (Saumu)] is that of action to practice in that period. Since the deviation each year resulting in the adoption and Relationship the lunar calendar, 0 years, month-date is around to Ramadan. Ramadan Ramadan and is Period to encourage abstinence and fasting for about a month in which Muslims performed. During this period, food and beverage Muslims from sunrise to sunset, pleasure (sexual activity, smoking, drinking) the cut off, we pray to God (Allah). Ramadan of significance Individual Thanks to life cut off food and drink, will develop an practicing abstinence self-control. In addition, meal by limiting the, re-recognize the fact that in their day-to-day kept alive, and thanks to the more deeply God.

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