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During Ramadan, whether people are taking any breakfast before sunrise ...

Ramadan - Wikiwand Ritual of fasting tell, of happened during the morning [food education] 0/0 / 0Food Muslims around the world, during the month, cut off any and all food and drink [Ramadan]. Now it is exactly in that period will continue until the month and day this year. By suppressing all the greed, the objective is to deepen the faith of God. Now that Ramadan, fasting and does not have is eaten not Well the body does not drink even 0 days to say. Time from sunrise to sunset to not eat only is. Tough with this. So, the morning is so eat what you plenty accumulate in the stomach. In what? Than [Food], we will introduce this kind of article of Sumayya Usmani. Ramadan breakfast, luxury surprisingly Every year Ramadan period, and hot dishes Shitaku carried out before dawn. As "one month imposed abstinence", but there will be image Some of you, during the period of Ramadan (us being in Urdu is referred to as [Ramazan]), I do not surprising to food also is essential . I am in Pakistan of parents who spent his childhood, had started preparing for a few weeks before Ramadan.

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